We are so pleased to announce that our website is finally up. Special thanks to Jacob Wienges for its design.  Please make yourselves at home in these pages.  Our calendar will keep you informed as to upcoming dates and activities, and our community forum is a place where we can converse, announce, and message one another. Our gallery features a public page displaying watercolor pictures with some of our photos and private, password enabled pages that hold images of your children's world here at Noble Garden as we share the weeks, seasons, and events of the year!

Three years ago, the seeds of Noble Garden began to take root. These seeds had been dormant in our hearts and minds, waiting for the right time to germinate, and in the fall of 2014 our school doors opened. We have grown over the past two and a half years and are now ready to share our space on the web.

Our community of families and friends have supported us on our journey with kind words and helping hands. Noble Garden has been a home away from home for 44 children so far. It seems only fitting that in this first post we express our deep gratitude. For your patience, kindness, and trust, we are grateful. Every day has been a gift, and we thank you!

Above the threshold to our dining room, the words "Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often" are inscribed. These are the words we choose to live by. We sit together at a candlelit table, sharing stories and jokes, and many belly laughs. We explore the outside world with wonder and enthusiasm, and daily push ourselves, sometimes a bit past our comfort zones.

As we share our days together, we feel the children are forming healthy roots from which to grow, learn, and share the world with others. Fostering their exploration, healthy movement, and creative expression helps support their enthusiasm for learning new things and mastering skills. Surrounding them with love from our community is essential as they find their way into the world.

Spring has sprung! Mud alternates with snow and the days grow longer. The children's energy is boundless. In our circle, we sing verses of maple sap running, boiling and bubbling. We burst out the door as soon as possible, to sled on shrinking patches of snow, walk the balance beam, swing high and fast, and journey off to the fields and woods to play with running water and follow animal tracks. Flower bulbs, which were planted in the fall with the help of Autumn's mother, Sarah, will be peeking their green noses out of the soil soon. The ducks and chickens are laying eggs again, and it is almost time to put  eggs in the incubator and carefully tend them indoors while the mother ducks and hens will warm some of their eggs in the nesting boxes outside. The rabbits are enjoying our vegetable scraps while they wait for the snow to melt and the plants to grow.



Happy Spring !

Jacob Wienges