Early childhood is a time of wonder as each young person opens their mind and senses to discover the world around. ‘Magic’ is seen in the opening of a budding flower or heard in the song of a distant bird, the soft feel of downy feathers, the sight of the ‘moving’ sun or the sweet taste of a blueberries.

Our program provides the best of two worlds.  We celebrate both the outdoor ideas of a forest kindergarten as well as interior time spent together in our cozy home.  We feel that by combining large amounts of time outside, with the ability to return to our nest, we combine the breathing room and wonderment the children discover in the outside world, with the soothing moments found in a rocking chair, or over a batch of homemade bread and fresh brewed tea. Cycling through the in-breath and the out-breath, their daily rhythm respects the time spent in both “worlds.” .

Throughout the year we share in the bounty harvested by the children. Together, we make their own tea blends, soaps and salves, using the herbs they have harvested and dried.  Even in the winter we enjoy peach and elderberry jam made from our trees and veggies from the garden in the weekly soup.

Wildlife at (insert name here )are some of our greatest teachers. Beaver, eagles, wood thrushes, frogs, fish, praying mantis and butterflies allow us to see into their world.

Celebrating festivals as a community helps us mark the natural progression of the seasons.  Whether dancing around the May Pole or following the candle lit path through thewoods at Martinmas, we enjoy marking the passage of time together in a meaningful way.