Early childhood is a time of wonder as young people open their minds and senses to discover the world around us. Magic is seen in the opening of a budding flower, heard in the song of a nesting bird, felt in the softness of a downy chick, and tasted in a handful of sweet blueberries.

Our program provides the best of two worlds. We enjoy spending large blocks of time outside in all weather, giving the children the time and breathing room to discover the many wonders of the natural world. On our hikes, we may have the good fortune to observe abundant life among the flora and fauna.

We balance outdoor time with a return to our indoor nest, where children find cozy places to play and develop the social skills needed for sharing space with friends.  Our daily rhythm values time spent in both worlds. 

Celebrating festivals as a community helps us mark the natural progression of the seasons. Whether dancing around the May Pole or following the candle-lit path through the fields at Martinmas, we enjoy marking the passage of time together in a meaningful way.

Through pressing apples for cider, churning butter, or grinding grain for bread, we work together to make our meals.  During the year we share in the bounty harvested by the children.  Vegetables from the garden make the perfect snack and go into our weekly soup when in season.  We make our own tea blends and salves using the herbs we harvest and dry.

Animals at Noble Garden are some of our greatest teachers. We watch our chickens and ducks grow as we do. Our rabbits, like our children, spend time indoors and out. By observing with our eyes, ears, and gentle hands, we learn how best to care for and communicate with our furry and feathered friends. Beavers, eagles, wood thrushes, praying mantises and many others allow us to see into their natural world.